Loose Change EP

by Archie Powell & The Exports

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This is our first recording. It was made before the band had even played a show. It used to be free, it's not anymore.


released June 15, 2009

Archie Powell - Vox/Guitar
Ryan Export - Keyboards
Adam Export - Bass
Brian Export - Drums

Produced by Dave Rieley & Archie Powell
Engineered by Dave Rieley & Dave Mills
Mixed by Dave Rieley
Recorded @ Chicago Recording Company
February 22-24 2009 (Chicago, Il)
Mastered by Trevor Sadler @ Mastermind
March 9 2009 (Milwaukee, Wi)
Photograph by Ellen Siebers
Design by Nick Junkunc

Songs by Archie Powell
Music by The Exports



all rights reserved


Archie Powell & The Exports Chicago

Beer-fueled, noisy pop rock from the midwest.


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Track Name: Moving To The City
Well I waste no time, I gotta say
That it all seems sad to me
That a change can't come from disarray
And we need this third degree
Tell me do you think it's gonna stay that way?
You've got till count of three
And if you're still gonna see if we can meet halfway
Then you've got my guarantee

You know I'm moving to the city, gonna play my hand
You know I gotta bet big, gotta make a stand
You know I can't stay here if you care to disagree
I'm gonna pay my dues and say goodbye
I'm gonna find my ground and resupply
And I'm gonna keep that pace until I die

Well I don't make sense, don't make a sound
Cuz there ain't much left to say
I gotta find myself a little piece of ground
Where I can keep my blues away
Tell me did you think that I would stick around?
You know you've always had your say
And if you're still gonna tell me that I'm set to drown
I'm gonna tell you that I'll be okay

Can't pick it up to lay it down, baby
Ain't never been a thing about maybe
Track Name: Loose Change
Loose change on my windowsill
I'm gonna save it for the train
So I can hitch myself a one way ride
To the place where I'll remain
I'm gonna book my time and pack my bags
That's the last you'll see of me
I'm gonna leave my home for the Super Dome
Or anything that works for me

And don't you know that people here are dying
In the most peculiar ways?
Since there ain't no way to keep from crying
Guess it's time we parted ways

You know I've made my mind, I won't look back
Don't you know I've got it made?
I've got my favorite hat and a whiskey flask
So I can stay warm in the shade
And if I see you back off the beaten track
I'll give the "Hey" and "How ya been?"
And guess that with your pack and your luggage rack
That you won't be back again
Track Name: Mattson Is A Flake
My friend Mattson is a flake, don't you forget it
He'll always stand you up for chump change
Missed our last show for a Bucks game, yeah you know it
It's always been a sorry exchange
But you know he's not a bad guy
He's just got new priorities
Lately he's been Scooter's little barfly, yeah he's blowing
Two hundred fifty there on everyone but me

Hey Mattson, what you up to?
I got something to tell you
Ain't got nothing against you
I'm just saying - whoa oh oh oh

Every now and then I'll get a call asking how I'm feeling
What kind of records am I checking out these days?
But I can't help myself from keeping on and disbelieving
He always sets us back in many other ways
Like I said, he's not a bad guy
And if you meet him you'll agree
But lately I've been feeling kinda bad, just a bit forgotten
Sometimes I think he likes my brother more than me

Maybe I'm overstated
A bit accentuated
But I don't feel the least sedated
And I'm gonna act a fool

My friend Mattson is a flake, let me tell you 'bout it
He'll break your plans to watch The O.C.
I still love him but the man has got to get around it
He's yet to finally convince me
Track Name: Piggy Bank Blues
Ain't nobody gonna cover the rent
And now we're trying to weasel out of the lease
We can't seem to get the numbers under control
Cuz everybody seems to do as they please
You dig a little deeper on the way to the joint
You know there's somewhere that we'd all rather be
Well everybody seems to have their hand in the jar
It's always harder when there's no guarantee

Keep pushing along with no luck
Somebody's about to see you out, baby
Ain't gotten a piece for so long
It don't pay the bills

Sleeping in the van where the dials are blown
And the signals haven't worked for a week
It's hard to keep from thinking 'bout the tickets you owe
It seems your bank account is springing a leak
Cut the trip shorter than you'd ever before
It seems the warehouse is calling your name
But every day you hate it just a little bit more
You spend the summer and you're never the same

Six years going and it's time to assess
If we've taken all there is to take
But now I'm feeling apathetic and I gotta confess
I think we're never gonna catch us a break

When you're thinking 'bout your wallet in the penalty box
And you're sorry that you went for the team
You know it doesn't matter if you've been to college or not
Cuz rock and roll is just a pyramid scheme

Keep rolling along, it don't put
A roof over your head to sleep it off honey
Ain't gotten a piece for so long
You can't get your fill